Thanks for stopping by.  This is the place to keep up with GYREFUNK.  Studio Musician / Producer / Visual Artist / Teacher. GYREFUNK is available for musical performance as a solo looping act, duo featuring ALOEYE, or with the whole band of superhero funkateers known as MUGPUSH. Artwork is also available as originals, prints, murals and live painting (in the Bay Area), and for commissioned graphic design work & photo editing.   You can also holler at GYRE if you just need a little stank on your track, he's deffinitly in that "One Stop" place to lace your musical project up with some organic, undeniably authentic rawness.  For collaborations with GYREFUNK please use the contact form.  Thank you.

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 ARTISLOV the full lenth debut album from ALOEYE and GYREFUNK is set to drop this fall with features from Dirty Scientifix, Maria Songbird, and Abstract Rude to name a few.  The project started from a session ALOEYE and GYRE had using the guitar and the looping pedal and evolved into a collection of recordings spanning from raw hip hop for the ride, feelgood vibes for the summer time, and even random field recordings of strangers on the street!  Here's a little teaser of what we've got in store for ya'll! 


 MUGPUSH has been steadily building in the lab every day! Expression Sessions are still in full effect, and we are happy to announce that Dame the Drummer and One Truth have moved to the bay from Cleavland and just added some major gas on this funky inferno.  MUGPUSH is currently wrapping up projects from Mikki Boyd, Max Kane, GYREFUNK, and the MUGPUSH Remix Album including tracks from TEEKO, Black Spade, GYREFUNK, Max Kane, and several other guest producers to be featured, all to be released under the GOINtUFF label. 


Some sad news.  
This beloved guitar was stolen out of a dear friends car recently in San Francisco! If you happen to see it, kindly commandeer it and contact me, or please get the "new owners" information for me in the event that they probably purchased it too, I am offering a cash reward for it's safe return to me.  
Thank you!

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